Xavier Balduini

In June 2019, Dominique and Patricia BALDUINI sold the company to Xavier, their eldest son, who launched an ambitious strategic plan: the complete reorganization of the sales department, numerous investments and the implementation of new management tools.


What's your career?

I studied plastic engineering and then a management school. I then spent my entire career in the building industry and more specifically in the field of renewable energies, creating my first company at 24, and my second 10 years later.

Why did you decide to take over USIDUC in June 2019?

In 2001, my parents bought Usinages Ducloux, now USIDUC.

I always had a distant and benevolent eye on the company: I helped my parents on issues of means and investments to achieve. At this time I had no intention of taking back the company. Then when the opportunity was offered to me, I thought why not? In the end, I think I can develop the company through the team in place.


What have you already put in place since your arrival?

What I want to infuse to USIDUC is the 4.0 industry at the scale of an SME of nearly 25 employees. This requires a renewal of the machine fleet with very large investments and the arrival of new employees to offer new services.

After a transition year of 2019, we will be ready in January 2020 to meet the demands of our customers in the following markets:

  • Luxury
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Spatial
  • Energy

"Today what is valuable in a business is human skills and the team"


What's your strategy for the future?

Historically, companies in the energy sector represent a very large percentage of our turnover. Today, the goal is to increase our market share in other areas, such as luxury goods and aeronautics, and to diversify our customer base.

What are your future plans for USIDUC?

I want to make USIDUC® even more efficient in the machining business, by strengthening our investments in multi-axis turning.

I also wish to complement our business by other complementary, such as additive manufacturing and bar turning, I am convinced that there are opportunities to seize!

I also want to create a product division to develop and market innovative products. We are filing patents on a specific handle system and a gray water energy recovery shower tray.


Contact informations

Address :
30 rue principale

Phone : +33 (0) 3 84 36 13 42
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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