Design and industrialization

Imprimante 3D
Imprimante 3D

Machining and design

Specialist in the machining of technical parts, USIDUC® knows that the design of a part can facilitate its manufacture and reduce its cost of production

The design combines aesthetics, usability and technique. By putting the machining in the center of the thought.

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, allows to quickly create functional prototypes and, while in the past the printed materials were limited to plastics, today the 3D printing can be done also in ceramic and metal.

Objects are produced from 3D models, layer by layer. The concept of this system is opposed to the subtractive manufacture of machining, which consists of removing material to create a shape.

The benefits of additive manufacturing

Decrease of development cycle times
Low cost
Real size product test

Starter Pack

Starter Pack

Conscious of the interest of the design, our company integrated into its team a designer and set up a project accelerator program, the Starter Pack.

You have an idea, but do not know how to realize it? USIDUC® has the means to turn it quickly into an object.

We support our customers in the different stages. We can intervene at different levels, from the genesis of the idea or when the project is already advanced so that the design facilitates industrialization and end use.

Materials and software

From parts modalized on Solidworks it is possible for us to realize your prototypes.

We have a Formlabs printer that allows us to print parts with a volume of 145x145x175mm with layer heights up to 25 microns fineness depending on the material.

We have different materials that allow us to meet your needs. We will choose together the material according to its use (color, flexibility, rigidity, chemical resistance).


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USIDUC®, specialist in multi-material machining of technical parts from small to large dimensions.

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