Material Focus : The Krion

For 25 years, Usiduc develops an expertise and a know-how to propose to its customer innovative materials which are involved in the manufacturing of all kinds of parts or structures.

The choice to use Krion at Usiduc

Our innovation department is available to transform your ideas into products. Our teams are there to give you support and to optimize fabrication processes in order to reach your target costs.

For the sake of technical evolution, we have integrated the Krion into the range of materials we offer for prototyping, reverse engineering and machining.

Krion, a mineral material with a polymer binder of the latest generation

Made from 2/3 of natural minerals and a small percentage of highly resistant resins, Krion is pure without any trace of heavy materials, toxic or carcinogenic components. Its very low level of volatile organic compounds gives it hypoallergenic properties.

The absence of pores, and its demonstrated resistance to chemical attack and to the most extreme weather conditions (humidity, ultraviolet radiation) make it an ideal material to realize coatings in the field of architecture, building and design objects with significant durability and ease of repair.

Resistant to all types of stains, without any deterioration by the application of chemicals including solvents, this material allows the creation of parts and elements that are robust, reliable and effective.

Endorsed by the UNE-ISO 1186 standard, its food but also medical use is authorized. Its bactericidal properties limit its maintenance as much as possible.

Its ease of cleaning and its antibacterial properties are indicated in the medical field, from care centres to the operating rooms which require great precautions in hygiene and non-contamination.

An innovation in the field of design

Due to its technical specificities, the Krion makes it possible to obtain different designs and materialize all your projects

Taking part in the creation of complex shapes, its malleability opens up new possibilities and gives shape to the ideas: rounded, square, spiral or infinite elements without any junction mark, the realization of any conceivable structure is now possible thanks to thermoforming.

Beyond its technical properties, the Krion also offers great design possibilities, with a very wide range of finishes, from marble imitation to immaculate white. It can also let the light through which allows for example the establishment of a backlight.

85 colors are available, they offer a high potential in terms of aesthetics.

Usiduc is active in very different markets, ranging from military, space, aeronautics to energy or luxury. It seems essential to us to offer our customers materials meeting their high standards. 

The Krion appears to us as an extremely efficient material to meet the needs of our customers.

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